Anti-static protective clothing with silicone coating

Tchaikovsky Textile Company

Cotton textile

Anti-static metal yarn replaced with 0.2% TUBALL™ LATEX H2O, giving anti-static properties to the fabric at the fluoroorganic treatment stage

An oilman suit for working in offshore conditions and a welder suit (protection class 3). The fabric, which acts as a protective flame-retardant lining, is co-designed by Tchaikovsky Textile Company, Ltd. and OCSiAl and made of 100% cotton
Key benefits
  • Permanent anti-static protection throughout the product, with a resistivity of 107 Ω·cm
  • Retention of the preset level of anti-static protection after 15 washes
  • Long-term anti-static properties
  • No changes required in the manufacturing process    

Fireproof and anti-static fabrics and clothing are designed for protection against sparks, splashes of molten metal, high temperatures and risk of sudden electrostatic discharge. The product is used in oil and gas companies, the metallurgy industry, for welding, and in other flammable environments.

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