Anti-static Protective PET Tray

Covered by NDA

Polyethylene terephthalate


0.07% TUBALL™ introduced through TUBALL™ COAT_E


Thermoformed PET tray with anti-static water-based coating

Key benefits
  • Permanent and stable surface resistivity of 106–107 Ω/sq
  • High transparency

EESD-safe trays are used for safe shipping and storage of electrostatic-sensitive devices for manufacturers in the consumer electronics industries. ESD-packaging is ideal for electronic parts such as printed circuit boards,  PCBA storage, memory modules, hard drives and telecommunication electronic devices. The anti-static trays are impact resistant and help to prevent damage to highly sensitive devices from ESD. They also offer permanent static dissipation properties so that electrostatic charge doesn’t  migrate or bloom to the surface of the part. They are ideal for cleanroom and static-free applications.

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