PU shoe sole

Shandong INOV

Foamed polyurethane

Covered by NDA

Foamed PU shoe soles
Key benefits
• Stable volume resistivity in the ESD range of 108–109 Ω·cm
• No changes required to the technology process
• No particles released during life cycle thanks to the replacement of carbon black with TUBALL™

The production of foamed PU for shoe-soling applications represents between 5% and 10% of shoe-soling materials used worldwide.
The advantages of using PU are the high abrasion resistance and durability in use, combined with high flexibility, low weight and high comfort levels. PU shoe-soling systems are specially developed for each particular application and, because they are more costly than alternative shoe-soling materials, the use of PU is generally found where particular technical requirements are necessary, such as in industrial footwear, protective clothing, safety boots and sports footwear.

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