Anti-static coating for tanks

Jotun Group
United Kindom

Epoxy resin

0.2–0.4% TUBALL™ MATRIX 301

Epoxy-based anti-static coating for tanks
Key benefits

  • Permanent and stable surface resistivity of 106 Ω/sq

  • Resistivity has no “hot spots” and is independent of humidity   

  • Sprayable application

  • Bright colors are possible


Used as an anti-static lining for storage tanks containing crude oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, jet fuel, motor gasoline and similar liquids. Areas of use include tank lining, transportation equipment (rail tank and hopper cars, over-the-road tankers, barge tankers, tank containers), chemical processing, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc. In general, the coating is designed for environments requiring superior chemical resistance where static build-up and sparks may present operating hazards. It possesses excellent conductive/static-dissipating properties, water and chemical resistance, superior bond strength and adhesion, and high resistance to wear, abrasion and impact. Being flexible, it withstands movement and vibrations.

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