NAUM 2019

Oil & Mining
Storage & Packaging
Energy storage
Customized Multi Functional Al parts
Industrial Flooring
Applied to display manufacturing process
Applied to film sticking process of edge smartphone
Applied to flooring sheet in semiconductor industry
Applied to medical equipment for low frequency therapy
Applied to PEDOT coated on PET film
Applied to virgiv PET Film
LED Screen
Customized Multi Functional Structural parts (Air or Hydraulic Cylinder Body)
Aircraft parts Alphaliner ESD Anti-static coating for tanks Anti-static disc for diagnostic pigs in oil and gas pipes Anti-static exterior detail Anti-static flooring Anti-static GFRP pipes Anti-static Grating Anti-static industrial roll Anti-static lining for grain pipes Anti-static NBR gloves Anti-static non-marking solid tyre Anti-static parts (pulley, impeller) Anti-static polyurethane Hei-CAST Z2350 Anti-static prosthesis Anti-static Protection Unit for Electronic Devices Anti-static protective clothing with silicone coating Anti-static Protective PET Tray Anti-static PVC plastisol fabric Anti-static RTV Silicone Part Anti-static silicone textile coating Anti-static сable tray Aramid Coating Asphalt Ball Pig Binder for Li-ion battery electrode Cable T-connector Carbon fiber bicycle Carbon fiber helmet Case for anemometer Case for mining self-rescuer Cast polyamid parts Cast polypropylene parts CMD material CNT Yarns and films Coated Glass Bottle Cold shrink cable connector Colored anti-static printing roller Conductive ink Conductive primer Conductive transparent coating Denatron™ Type-C Connecting cable sleeve Container for flammable/explosive liquids Conveyor Belt Custom-made acoustic diffusor Dissipative GRP mold Door panel for a transporter ECOMITE electrode Electrode for electrochemical double layer capacitors Electroheating coating EMD material with TUBALL™ and a demo AA battery ESD flooring ESD Flooring Fan blade with anti-static coating Fiberglass grating with anti-static properties Flexible plastic film with electroluminescent coating GFRP Printing Roller Core GNT paper for battery electrode GNT yarn Greenhouse film Helmet with electroluminescent coating In-situ polymerization process with TUBALL™ and CNF JAC iEVS4 car battery Li-ion battery cells Li-ion battery made from recycled tires Li-ion NMC battery LMO material LUVOCOM® 3F TPU CNT 9502 BK Mining signal lamp case Motorcycle tyres Nanocarbon polymer actuator Nitrile O-ring Polycarbonate carrier tape Polyester textile with anti-static PU coating Polyethylene tubing Polypropylene yarn Polyurethane synthetic leather Polyurethane wheel with anti-static properties Polyurethane-concrete flooring FloorGuard U AS. Powder coated parts Powder coating Printing Roller Protective clothing with anti-static PVC plastisol coating PU ESD Protective Gloves PU safety shoes PU shoe sole Racing Tyres Railway Cover Screw drilling tool rubber stator Shaft for transfer lines Silicone protective film Silicone solvent-based paint  Snowboard Soft robot with e-skin Solvent-based suspension for coating SWD series Synthetic leather Thermal plastic compound TPE cover tape Transparent conductive film Ultra-clean bag Urethane acrylate resins CBZ for CFRP matrix Сomposite pressure vessel
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